GBC Heartland Challenge SXS Race Report
Kyle Chaney Takes GBC Heartland Challenge UTV Overall Win

Carlisle, IA (8/25/2017) -The GBC Motorsport’s Heartland Challenge celebrated it’s tenth running of the event this past weekend, and with hot and dusty conditions, it was a fast, furious, and grueling event! XPS / Can-Am’s #191 Kyle Chaney made his way out for redemption at this year’s GBC Heartland Challenge and came away with a clear victory aboard his turbo-powered Maverick X3. In second place, the Team Dr Powersports #41 entry of Jason Watt, an Iowa native also running a Can-Am X3, put up a good fight through the dusty course to land on the box. Bringing home third place on the podium was the Team RW / SSi Decals / Team UXC #45 Polaris RZR of Kevin Trantham.

GBC Heartland Challenge ATV Racing
GBC Heartland Challenge 4 Hour UTV Open Podium (left to right)
Kevin Trantham (3rd), Kyle Chaney (1st), Jason Watt (2nd)

This year’s GBC Heartland Challenge was extremely competitive with 57 entries in total, with 13 of them being in the premier “Open” class and 20 of them in the “UTV 1000” class which also saw a big payout of $3,000 and $2,000 for each class, respectively. There was also a dedicated “GBC Challenge” section specifically built for the UTV racers which not only challenged the racers, but their machines as well.

This section significantly saved the teams time on the course, but also put the machine as risk of a breakdown due to the gnarly obstacles in their way such as; huge chunks of concrete, rocks, tires, logs, and a big dirt wall to climb over. Racers who were brave enough for this sections surely would be rewarded for their efforts.

Kyle Chaney GBC Heartland Challenge ATV Racing
Maxxis’ Kyle Chaney grabbed the early lead in the land rush style start

With an unbelievable lack of rain in the past two months, Western Iowa has been in a drought, unlike last year’s conditions. The dust was surely to be one of the hardest obstacles at this event and whoever got out into the lead first was surely to benefit from the clean air. Dr. Powersport’s Jason Watt snagged the early hole shot but two-wheeled it around the off-camber section of the entry point, allowing Maxxis’ Kyle Chaney to dive into the inside of Watt before entering the first forest section. From this point forward, Chaney drove without fear and set a blistering pace for the entire remaining 4-hour event.

Kyle Chaney GBC Heartland Challenge ATV Racing
#191 XPS / Maxxis Tires / Can-Am Maverick X3’s Kyle Chaney secured his second career win at the Heartland Challenge

“I am super stoked to be able to bring this XPS / Maxxis Tires / Can-Am X3 out to the Heartland Challenge because I knew how gnarly and rough this event can get and I wanted to put the car through it’s paces. The suspension travel and low center of gravity and of course the all-out power really made for an amazing race. The only issue we had was with my light bar for the night stage. We couldn’t get it to turn on at all, so we stopped into the pits and had them gas up the car, and we finally figured out the wiring for the switch came loose and once we got that fixed we were good to go with the car. I actually ended up getting a little sick about 2 hours into the events, and I quit breathing properly, but finally got myself back to being calm and collected and got back on pace for the remainder of the event,” said Chaney.

Kyle Chaney GBC Heartland Challenge ATV Racing
#191 XPS / Maxxis Tires / Can-Am Maverick X3’s Kyle Chaney

“I really wanted to get out to an early lead but we came out of the holeshot in second to Jason Watt and I hurried and got around him before we entered the woods. I wanted to get out early and put a decent gap on everyone, which I did, and that definitely helped me when we had to stop and take the long pit to fix the light, it was nice to have some time early on in the race. The dust was incredibly bad, but the roughness of the track really got to me as well. It was beating me up and making me dizzy even, it was very challenging,” said Chaney!

Team Dr. Powersports / JW Builders / DWT Wheels / Garage Products / Valentine Food’s Jason Watt got off to a great start pulling the hole shot ahead of Chaney. A slight off-camber on the holeshot corner was all it took however for Watt’s machine to tip up slightly, allowing Chaney to get around him. Watt was second into the woods section and the first to pursue Chaney, as closely as the dust plume would allow.

Jason Watt GBC Heartland Challenge ATV Racing
Team Dr. Powersports / JW Builders / DWT Wheels / Garage Products / Valentine Food’s Jason Watt

I got off to a really good start. The X3 fired up immediately on that dead-engine start and we took off to snag the holeshot and then went into the woods in second behind Kyle. I closed in on him and was following as closely as I could with the dust. After we broke away from the pack a little bit, it was a pretty clear track and we decided to just try and run a smart and smooth race for the remainder of the four hours. We just tried to keep the car together and with the help from my co-pilot Cody Taylor talking me thru just about every corner out there really made a huge difference. My fiancé, with Jeremy and Rick Valentine in the pits making sure the car was good along with water and goggles. We took the challenge section the first lap and actually got hung up and then lap after learned how to get through it smoothly and put our head down and charged ahead. The sportsmanship is really great out here, if we came up onto someone going fast, they were always quick to move out of the way as fast as they could and let us by, everyone was super nice and we had an absolute blast out here,” said Watt.

Team UXC / Polaris / RT Pro / Maxxis Tire’s Kevin Trantham became the first recipient of a cloud of thick dust during the hole shot mayhem of Watt and Chaney, but quickly found himself up into third place by the time the woods section approached. Trantham pushed his Polaris RZR to the limit and also was taking advantage early on by not taking the challenge section and actually opted out of it to avoid the early carnage. This paid off for Trantham as he kept his car in one piece and was able to finish the race in third place.

Kevin Trantham GBC Heartland Challenge ATV Racing
Team UXC / Polaris / RT Pro / Maxxis Tire’s Kevin Trantham

Walker Fowler Wins Heartland Challenge UTV 1000 Class

In the UTV 1000 class, which was last year’s premier class, Team WFR / Maxxis Tires / Yamaha’s Walker Fowler came home with the overall victory, but not without doing some intense battling. Team Fireplace Stone and Patio brought home a second place in their Can-Am Maverick while Team Wheatley Racing rounded out the podium in third place, also driving a Can-Am.

GBC Heartland Challenge ATV Racing
GBC Heartland Challenge 4 Hour UTV 1000 Podium (left to right)
Team Wheatly (3rd), Team WFR (1st), Team Fireplace Stone (2nd)

Fowler came out of the holeshot in about eighth place and knew from the start he had his work cut out for him.

Walker Fowler GBC Heartland Challenge ATV Racing
Team WFR’s Walker Fowler took the UTV 1000 Class Win

“These races are super long and even after an hour race in these cars I can hardly stand up afterward, let alone walk around, so I knew this 4 hour race was going to be brutal. We got off to a mid-pack start and fought our way through the dust and started picking people off. The challenge section was really cool with the rocks and logs and we figured it out pretty quickly and that saved us quite a bit of time. This Yamaha YXZ really loves the MX section of the track and has tons of suspension travel so we took advantage of that the best we could. The woods aren’t necessarily this machine’s forte and with the Maxxis Tires and FOX Shox, we made it work beautifully. My machine has the electronic shifting paddles and even the stock gearing ratios, along with stock axels and drive system and we really hammered this thing today and it never skipped a beat. I haven’t missed a Heartland Challenge yet and I’m stoked to have won the event for the first time in a UTV,” said Fowler.

Walker Fowler GBC Heartland Challenge ATV Racing

Team Fireplace Stone and Patio brought home a solid second place finish in their Amsoil / Custom Axis / Can-am Maverick. They were into the pack immediately off the start and were caught up with a few of the Open racers after the challenge section and then found their pace for the remainder of the event to finish strongly on the podium.

Team Fireplace Stone & Patio GBC Heartland Challenge ATV Racing
Team Fireplace Stone & Patio

In third place was the entry of Team Wheatley racing, also in a Can-Am Maverick.

Team Wheatley GBC Heartland Challenge ATV Racing
Team Wheatley Racing

Jared Nelson Wins UTV 900 Class at Heartland Challenge

In the UTV 900 class, Jared Nelson of Olsen’s Outdoor Power team brought home the win followed by Team Wittrock Racing in second place, and team I Love Hooters in third place. All three of the racing teams were driving Polaris RZR 900’s.

GBC Heartland Challenge ATV Racing
GBC Heartland Challenge 4 Hour UTV 1000 Podium (left to right)
I Love Hooters (3rd), Olsen’s Outdoor Power (1st), Wittrock Racing (2nd)
“Bikeman and Barker’s Performance really helped me out with this new RZR and we came out strong for this event after getting a third place last year. Bikeman did all of my clutching and the tuning on the machine and Barker’s did the exhaust. This car was running amazing and rode really well for the entire race. RT Pro also helped me out with the spring kit and the sway bar which kept the car planted in some of these fast corners. I think I was about fifth or so in the holeshot and then got into third place by the 5th lap and then got into first place pretty quickly. I was able to make a few pit stops and it made the race go really smoothly. I was able to make a few gutsy passes in the really dusty sections where other guys were slowing up because they couldn’t see and I was able to get around them. The challenge section was pretty fun and we took it every lap and I think that helped us out quite a bit. The MX section was a lot of fun and I was able to get around a few guys there as well to get into the lead,” said Nelson.

Jared Nelson GBC Heartland Challenge ATV Racing
Olsen’s Outdoor Power Team took home the UTV 900 Class Win

Olsen’s Outdoor Power had another racer on the podium in the form of Josh Wittrock. Wittrock was able to also make some tricky moves on the track and follow in Nelson’s footsteps to get onto the podium into a second place spot.

Josh Wittrock GBC Heartland Challenge ATV Racing
Josh Wittrock secured the 2nd Spot in the UTV 900 Class

Third place was slotted into by Team I love Hooters from Gilman City, Missouri. The team fought hard and battled the entire time and got themselves a nice podium position in third place.

GBC Heartland Challenge ATV Racing
Team I Love Hooters rounded out the UTV 900 Class Podium

The 10th Annual GBC Heartland Challenge was nothing short of an amazing event once again with tons of crowd-pleasing, and racing action. The 11th edition is already on the drawing board for 2018 and will surely be one you won’t want to miss!

GBC Heartland Challange